Whether you’ve attended Wentworth for years, or you’re new to our church and just getting to know us, you might be wondering what God has next for you. How do we grow spiritually? What does it actually mean to follow Jesus? How can I experience the fullness of life that God wants to give us?

Below are some of our suggested next steps you could take. The first step is to follow Jesus, and the steps after that are in no particular order. Pick a step towards Jesus that you’d like to take, then get in contact using the form below so we can help you flourish in your faith.

Baptism is when a follower of Jesus is submerged in water in front of the church as a public declaration of your decision to follow Jesus. If you have Admitted your need for God’s grace, Believed that Jesus is your saviour and Lord, and Committed to living your life as Jesus commands, then Baptism is for you!

The best way to grow in your faith is to join a small group!  Small groups come in various shapes and sizes, but all have one thing in common: they are made of people who meet on a regular basis to read and study the Bible, pray, and share life together. You will be challenged to grow in your relationship with God and you will be cared for by people who are doing their best to follow Jesus alongside you. If you want to grow in your faith, joining a group is the best way to do it.

Jesus taught us to live a life of service to one another. Serving as a volunteer unlocks one of the great paradoxes of humanity: blessing others by serving them is also a blessing to me. We have many service opportunities in our church and through our partner ministries around the city.

Being generous is a hallmark of following Jesus. We give generously out of obedience to Jesus and out of appreciation for all he has done for us. And we give to the church to further God’s mission in the world. Growing in giving means growing in generosity and seeing God’s kingdom grow in our city.

When you become a church member, you are moving from being a passive consumer to being an active participant. You are giving the church permission to help you follow Jesus, while also being given permission by other member members to help them follow Jesus, as together we learn to declare with our lives the Good News of God’s in-breaking Kingdom.

Let us Help You Take A Step In Faith

Interested in taking one more step in your faith? Use this form to let us know which step we could help you take!

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