Welcome to Wentworth Baptist Church!

Located in Hamilton's Gibson-Lansdale neighbourhood, we are a place where people can come and feel at home, meet together, learn about God, and navigate a life of faith through good times and hard. Join us each Sunday as we worship God and search the scriptures, seeking to be transformed by grace into Jesus-like people.

Our Church was planted in 1890

Back then, Wentworth Street was the easternmost end of the city. After our building on Wentworth and King William burned down in 1922, our church moved down the street and opened a new building in 1924—and we've worshiped and served on the corner of Wentworth and Cannon ever since.

What We're All About

Our mission is to invite all people to

Know Christ

Grow in Christ, and

Go with Christ

by living lives marked with

Faith, Hope, and Love

What to Expect

During the COVID pandemic, things are looking a bit different. 

  • Everyone must pre-register to attend services. We are presently not running children's programming, but kids are still welcome to join (we've seen lots of colouring books come to worship, and because kids are a blessing from the Lord we don't mind a bit of noise).
  • When you arrive, you'll be greeted at our Welcome Table and screened for COVID symptoms
  • Physical distance dots throughout the building will guide you towards your bubble's seats
  • Unless exempted, everyone must remain masked for the duration of the service.
  • Services currently run between 45 min to 1 hour in length.
Click Here to Pre-Register