Wentworth Baptist Church exists to invite all people to
Know Christ,
Grow in Christ,
and Go with Christ
by living lives marked with
Faith, Hope, and Love

Our Value-Practices

Rather than abstract concepts, we've chosen to value spiritual practices that help us express our Faith, Hope, and Love. By doing this, we can quickly self-reflect on our spiritual growth, and find ways to grow in our allegence to Jesus. This isn't a list of "To Do's", but a resource that can help us grow in our faith by challenging us to practice knowing, growing in, and going with Jesus, day in, day out.

Scroll down to read more about our value-practices, and prayerfully consider whether God might be inviting you to practice your faith by leaning into these practices during this season of your life.

expressed through

Prayer — spending time in relationship with God; the primary work of God’s people.

Discipleship — follow Jesus by being obedient to scripture; the primary calling of God’s people.

Generosity — giving based on what God has given; the primary attitude of God’s people.

expressed through

Worship — responding to God for who He is; celebrating our hope in Christ.

Evangelism — bringing God’s hope to others by sharing our hope in Christ with them.

Encouragement — bringing God’s hope to others, starting by building them up with our words.

Perseverance — digging in & leaning on God when things get tough; hoping in Christ.

& Love
expressed through

Belonging — welcoming and valuing every person as made in the image of God.

Hospitality — extending God’s welcome by eating meals and fellowshipping together.

Service — being God’s hands and feet in the world; we serve others because Christ served us

Spiritual Gifts — serving others by utilizing our gifts to further God’s Kingdom.